the unpair story

Growing up, kids are introduced to use socks as some necessary piece of clothing they have to wear in order to either stay warm or to be able to wear their shoes.

My name is Noor Amary, and my story is a bit different.

I grew up in a family who owns a large socks manufacturing company in Lebanon. Parents usually bring their work home. My Dad brought back socks of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Socks with a new elastic base he wanted us to try, socks with a new anti-odor technology he couldn’t wait to test, socks for sports, socks for business, socks for fun… Socks socks and more socks!

I guess you all have one sock drawer, I could not understand how some people can fit all their socks in one tiny drawer! In my family we have sock closets.

Growing up in this sock-vironment, I started losing socks left and right and couldn’t match my socks each morning for school, it was then when I started unpair-ing my socks. I did this so frequently, that it eventually became a normal habit. I did get some criticism at first, but I saw it as a chance to show my creativity and express my character, and I ended up inspiring people around me to do so as well!

I always wanted to have my own socks brand through which I can share my story, and so I decided to create a brand of unpaired socks that inspires you to stand out and embrace your individuality!

Engaging the expertise of one of the biggest sock factories in the middle east with more than 25 years of experience, the unpair team and I promise to deliver socks with the best designs and the finest quality money can buy!

If our products fail to live up to your standards, you may return them for a replacement - no questions asked - unless you lose a sock (: 

Cheers to happiness, love, individuality and socks!